Jumaat, April 03, 2009

Rape cases number 4,959 last year – up 300% from 2007

THE number of rape cases increased by three-fold last year compared with the previous year, Deputy Home Minister Datuk Chor Chee Heung told the Dewan Negara yesterday.

There were 4,959 rape cases last year compared with 1,241 cases in 2007, he said.

“That is an increase of 3,718 cases, 299.6% higher than the year before (2007),” he said during his winding up speech on the Royal Address on the mini-Budget.

In his reply to Senator Datuk Roslan Awang Chik, he said that the number of rape suspects successfully detained in 2007 were 4,586, not far off from the 4,770 figure last year, Chor said.

For the first two months of this year, 769 rape cases were reported, he said.

Among the reasons for rape was that the suspects and victims were in a state of drunkenness and the victims trusted the suspects who later raped them in secluded places, he added.

Chor also said the Crime Index for 2008 showed that there were 211,645 cases and the number of foreigners involved was 4,883 (2.31%). In 2007, there were 209,559 cases reported and 3,643 (1.74%) involved foreigners.

Among foreigners, the Crime Index 2008 was 0.57% higher than the year before, he said.

For the first two months this year, 34,488 crime cases were reported and from the figure, 45 cases or 1.58% involved foreigners, he said.

Chor said that during the period, 14 Africans were detained, with three for distributing drugs and nine under the Dangerous Drug (Special Preventive Measures) Act 1985.

Last year, an African syndicate that recruits locals, especially women, for the purpose of smuggling drugs out of Malaysia was busted, he said.

To prevent Malaysia from being a hub for international drug syndicates, the police had tightened security at entry and exit points, especially at airports, he added.

source : The Star-31 Mac 2009

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