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Bedah Buku "Civilization and Modernization: What’s The Difference"

Buku : Civilization and Modernization: What’s The Difference
Penulis : Ali Shariati (2006)
Terbitan :Citizens Ali Shariati (2006), International: Penang.


  • important issue is the relationship between an imposed modernization & genuine civilization
  • modernity has been imposed on us, the non European nations, in the guise of civilization
  • for the past 150 yrs, the West has under taken the task of modernizing men with the missionary zeal
  • intellectual? Assimilation? Alienation?

Dehumanizing effects of modern factory work


  • clearly illustrates that in the present system there is not the slightest room for expression of human sentiment
  • human becomes like a machine
  • “one dimensional man”, “depreciated man” @ “circular man”
  • Circular man: who produces for the sake of consumption & consumes for the sake of production

Alienation as a condition of being possessed

Alienation, which affects men through mechanical & dehumanized disciplined, may be caused by bureaucracy & technology

Cultural alienation

  • Alienation: indicates a condition in which one does not perceive himself as he is, but rather perceives something else in his place
  • Culture: collection of intellectual, non-material artistic, historical, literary, religious & emotional expressions of a nation which have accumulated in the course of its history & acquire unique form
  • Artificial factors wipe out any real culture & substitute a false culture for different conditions, different historical stage, different economy, different background, different political & social

Mosaic societies

Mosaic civilization

  • Civilization which carry some leftover parts from the past, some deformed parts from Europe & combination of the two produces a half-civilized, half-modernized society
  • Formless, no special shape, no goal

Welcome to the machine


  • To make people in Asia & Africa consumers of European products
  • Their societies must be structured so they would buy European products


  • All the people of the world must becomes uniform
  • The differences in thinking & spirits of nations of the world must be destroyed in order for men become uniform
  • It shows all Easterners, Asians & Africans, how to think, how to dress, how to desire, how to grieve…etc
  • New culture-modernization
  • eg: a need of automobile in Africa


  • modernization is changing traditions, mode of consumption & material life from old to new

# aktiviti bedah buku yang dijalankan oleh Ummah Aid pada setiap hari Rabu jam 5.30 di Universiti Sains Malaysia. Terbuka kepada semua yang berminat. Jikalau berminat layari

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