Jumaat, Julai 11, 2008


I love Islam,
For Islam is Light.

It tells us w
ell what to do.
It tells what is wrong and what is right.

I love Islam,
For Islam is Love.
The path of kindness and brotherhood;
The path that attests the unity of mankind.
Islam shows what true love is,
And it brings us the best friends we can ever find.

I love Islam,
For Islam is Guidance.
The Quran is a! perfect book
Which no human could ever invent,
And Allah challenges humans in regards to its content.
Allah, as He promised, has kept it away from distortion,
And preserved it the same through years and centuries.
Scientific facts are mentioned with perfection,
which no human could discover at its revelation time.
Perfect wisdom is present, without exception;
In all its words the absolute truth shines.

I love Islam,
For Islam is Peace.
Islam is a fountain of joy,
Interior security and bliss.

I love Islam,
For Islam is to obey Allah's will.
Allah wants us to be His vicegerents on Earth,
Isn't His laws what we are supposed to fulfill?

I love Islam
For many other reasons.
Happy for being a Muslim I feel.
To become a better person,
And please Allah more
Is my will...

No matter if, sometimes, bad my mood may be
Or how imperfect I am,
Nothing can take away the fact
That, deeply and indeed, I love Islam.

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